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Office Manager

My story to chiropractic started with my knees. I woke up with a light pain in my knee and walked to each of my classes in college while the pain kept getting worse and worse. By noon, I couldn't walk at all and needed to have assistance getting carried into the chiropractor's office. I was able to walk out with a slight limp and a few days later that was gone. I decided to give it a try and noticed that I had several changes happening. I felt better and had more energy to make it through my classes at school. I was on medication to regulate my body hormone levels from my cancer treatments (which I was told I would never fully recover from and never be able to have children of my own).

About two months after being under regular care, I was no longer taking ANY medications because my body had woken up and started producing everything on it's own, and better than my body had ever functioned before. My tumors that I had, started shrinking and I haven't had any since then (10+ years in remission now). I also learned about how chiropractic could help with colds and allergies and I gave that a shot as well. I no longer am allergic to my favorite foods and can be outdoors without my eyes swelling shut and looking like I left a boxing match five minutes before.  

I have kept up with my care since that first adjustment because I have found so much value in it. Since my body woke up and started producing on it's own, I was then able to become a mother. Seeing these benefits in myself there was no doubt in my mind that my family would have chiropractic care available to them at all times. I have continued to see these blessings in my life and others because of the healing power your body is able to do when chiropractic opens those doors. 

I am so passionate about chiropractic and seeing people under care. I love watching the changes and growth of all those who come through our doors seeking these miracles and blessings as well. I changed my degree in college after my adjustments so that I could better focus on my passion. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Public Relations with a emphasis in Broadcasting and Public Speaking. I am currently working on advancing my education with a energy healing technique to aid in the healing process for other things chiropractic can't help. 

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