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Dr. Daniel Long
Your Auburn Chiropractor 

Dr. Long has worked on me a few times and each time, it has been a really good experience. Before doing anything, Dr. Long will explain what he is doing, not only to prepare me for what's happening, but also to help me better understand my body and the process of making it work better. He has always been very gentle and I feel safe when he has worked on me. I can tell that chiropractic work really means a lot to the doctor. I have also gotten to interact with his wife who is very personable and helpful. The staff here are so wonderful and it really is more like going to visit a really good friend! Brylee S 8/20/17

WOW! My baby was having problems right after being born with latching and he couldn’t latch on one side. Dr. Long checked him out and found where the issue was and I tried feed my baby after that and had zero issues.   Megan P 8/17/17

Dr. Long worked with my severely autistic son last year. He was patient, professional, and wonderful to see him build a trusting relationship with him. The treatments helped his IBS considerably and decreased the amount of school that he missed. Behaviors decreased as well. Wish he lived closer so we could continue treatments. Michael H 8/3/17

Dr. Long was professional and diligent in his research when recommending me several natural supplements. The supplements are helping reduce and clear up conditions brought on by internal, external, and environmental stresses.
Thank you! Debra L. 7/28/17

My daughter was walking with a limp and doctors that had seen her just said it was muscular and growth pains. I heard about a friend who had seen Dr. Long for their kids and I figured I would give it a try for my daughter. I was concerned that chiropractic was going to be too intense for my child. When I got there, Dr. Long had his daughter get on the table and he showed us what he was going to be doing and how gentle the adjustments were for kids. My daughter now has zero issues walking and our entire family has signed up for care. Our lives have been so blessed learning about this magical power of adjustments. My kids love getting adjusted here every week. Randy E 7/22/17

Dr. Long attended to me for over 6 months last year prior to our family moving. He was professional, educational, took time to explain things and answer my questions. He reduced my migraines and back pains which were a big issue when I started treatment.  Cynthia H 7/20/17

I have been a patient of Dr. Long for about a year now. He actually started treating me at another office. He took sufficient time and care in explaining my xrays and treatment plan. On one visit, he noticed my ribs were not aligned and had been causing me some trouble when breathing. He did an adjustment going all the way down my spine, adjusting the ribs all the way down. I felt great afterwards. The best adjustment I'd ever had and I have seen multiple other doctors prior.  Joanne S 7/15/17

Dr. Long is very caring and thoughtful of other's needs. He introduced me to Chiropractic and helped me to make better health decisions to better my health and mobility. He is aware of patients needs and works on people of all ages and sizes. Bonnie B 7/13/17

Last year when I was experiencing neck and back pain regularly, Dr. Long treated me and was able to arrest the damage occurring with my vertebrae so that I could function again. He was professional, friendly and easy to discuss health care issues. Cynthia M 7/5/17

Dr. Long has been able to identify my root problems quickly, and then easily make adjustments that helped me feel so much better! I appreciate his approach to listening to my concerns, and then answering any questions I have had about solutions or adjustments he suggests. I would highly suggest him.  Tanya T 5/17/17

Dr. Long was my first introduction to chiropractic care and he is fantastic. My back has been a problem off and on for many years but he was able to give me immediate relief from my pain and also give me long term solutions to my issues. Dr. Long is very relaxed and friendly while still being efficient in providing care. Ellie S 5/2/17

I love getting adjusted here. The new doctor is kind and is always very patient with my concerns of care. He took the time to get to know me and I know he has my best interest at heart. He even has taken the time out of his family time, to help me with issues that I needed his attention on. The office is clean and spacious but feels comfortable. The staff are hard working and love working with the patients and have been very helpful and friendly. I would highly suggest going in for yourself! It’s the best decision I have ever made and I wont ever go without again because I SEE and FEEL the results every time. Britany B 5/1/17

"Plain and simple. the doctor saved my life in 1991 and I am forever grateful. These are fantastic professionals with your best health at heart. Try them out you won't be disappointed!"  I have been suffering neck & back pain for a very long time without any real solutions.. until now. He gives me confidence that he knows what he's doing. i believe his will produce long term results so far, so good.  - Lisa W. 3/15/17

"I was injured at work and received very little help from the L&I doctors outside of pills. Within the first 5 minutes of coming in, the doctor had gave me tips to help me until I could see him. After my first week of adjustments I knew I had made the right choice of care by switching to Dr. Coffey as my primary doctor. He continues to go above and beyond to make me comfortable and lead me to recovery." - Vincent P. 11/15/17

"Came in for a pinched nerve and found more than one problem with my back. Doc is on track with helping me feeling great once agian." - Bill H 10/5/16

"I rarely write reviews unless I feel like I've received great service and this is one of those times... the doc is definitely one of the best in the biz bar none! It's refreshing to find someone that is more concerned with your well being and takes excellent care of his patients and dedicated to his craft! Besides the awesome staff in his office Dr Coffey and the repairing process has been more than an excellent experience!" - Christopher C. 9/8/16

"I don't take the time to write a review about anything or anyone unless I'm 100% satisfied. And after visiting, I feel 200% more healthy, happy, stronger & flexible!  I would never expect to find someone as Honest and helpful in this town, but I was wrong! The doctors and the staff were genuine as can be, which made me feel like they really did care about my wellness. Thanks Dr. Coffey  Not only do I feel better, but I'm back on top, that's right where I want to be. :)" - Jazmyn S.

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