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Dr. John Coffey,
Chiropractor & Subluxation Specialist 
Coffey Chiropractic Founder

Dr. Coffey has been freeing clients from subluxations and recovering from their injuries for 40+ years.  He received hands-on full spine chiropractic training at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA.

After graduating in 1976, he quickly established himself as an effective and trusted Chiropractor in the community.  He prides himself on chiropractic techniques that are natural, gentle and gets results.  And his clients come first.
“I believe our clients deserve nothing but the best,” Dr. Coffey says.
Dr. Coffey has many notable achievements.  In addition to numerous certifications for patient care, he achieved the following….
Pacific Northwest Chiropractor of the Year in 1988
Chosen Member of the Inner Circle of Chiropractic for 15 Years
You can count on Dr. Coffey giving you and your family the best in Chiropractic care.

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Dr. Coffey is my 2nd chiropractor and the first thing I noticed was his evaluation was much more thorough than my last chiropractor and his explanation of my systems was a complete 180 from what my old chiropractor told me. It made me realize why getting a 2nd opinion is so important, I was totally lied to and sold into a two year rehab for something that didn't exist. Dr. Coffey had me stand naturally and was concerned about how my body naturally held posture. My old chiropractor hooked me up to all kinds of weights on my head and arms, then told me I had issues that Dr. Coffeys x-rays totally proved wrong and he went over each x-ray in detail and allowed me to ask questions.

Dr. Coffey is always upbeat and enjoyable to work with and I feel like he genuinely cares about my health. I've had chronic back pain for years and after a month it now is completely gone except for rare occasions after golf. His staff is friendly and I enjoy chatting with them while I wait.

Coffey Chiropractic is like the video only of back pain. If you don't go to Dr. Coffey, you'll be sorry.
Auburn, WA

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